When undertaking bathroom design, whether as a renovation or new room, we work closely with customers to determine the best options for individual needs. There are a number of different aspects to successful designs and, as an experienced company, we ensure each component is carefully planned to offer maximum effect. Stocking a range of products at our bathroom showroom, we find solutions for all budget and taste requirements. From shower enclosures to full stylish bathroom suites, we have everything you need to create your dream space in Dorking.

When planning new bathrooms, we take into account the following factors:


Who will use the bathroom?


This is an important consideration in determining the requirements of the space. In a family bathroom, practicality is a key factor, whereas master bathrooms and ensuites can often afford to focus a little more on luxury.


Effective Layout


A number of factors affect the ideal layout for bathroom suites. Existing features, such as windows, switches and pipes will determine the best placement for different components. It is important to place toilets, baths, sinks and showers in a way which offers maximum function and practicality.


Choosing the Right Products


Shower enclosures, baths and sinks come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, meaning it can be difficult to determine the best option for your needs. Skilled in bathroom design, we advise on ideal options for individual requirements in Dorking and the surrounding areas.


If you require a shower, it is important to think about the best position and door style to make sure you get the most from shower enclosures. For smaller bathrooms, fixed glazed panels and sliding doors are great options.


Although baths come in a standard size, there are larger and smaller options available. If you want a bath and shower but are limited on space, an over-bath shower is an effective solution for many bathroom suites.


Basins are also available in a number of design options, including wall-mounted, semi-pedestal and full-pedestal options to suit all spaces and tastes.


We stock a range of products at our bathroom showroom in Dorking, so come and visit us to discover your ideal solutions.

Heating & Lighting


Essential aspects of bathroom design, heating and lighting should be planned to offer maximum comfort and effectiveness. There are a variety of modern solutions available which can provide sleek, stylish or more traditional looks.


From under-floor heating and towel rails to downlights and task lighting, we help customers in Dorking find options which perfectly complement the new space.


For more information about our bathroom design and fit services in Dorking and the surrounding areas, call us on 01306 888851.

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