While some customers like to mix and match fittings to achieve their desired bathroom design, bathroom suites are an excellent choice for cohesive, efficient and cost-effective projects. As a specialist company, we supply and fit a range of modern options, including shower enclosures and feature basins. Stocking a broad variety of products at our bathroom showroom in Dorking, we help customers in Cobham and the surrounding areas find the perfect choice for specific spaces and tastes.

To ensure customers get the most from new bathrooms, our expert team advise on the most suitable solutions for each home. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to bathroom design, with one of the key aspects being whether to choose a suite, or individual fittings. Bathroom suites offer a number of benefits, such as:




To create a coordinated, streamlined finish, suites are one of the best options. Because every component matches, the result is cleaner and more attractive than you could achieve with differing features. Stocking a range of modern and traditional bathroom suites and shower enclosures at our bathroom showroom, we have the perfect option for all tastes and requirements in Cobham.


By providing a cohesive theme, bathroom suites also make it easier to achieve continuity because they offer a style guide for additional features and accessories.


Saving Time & Money


Rather than spending hours looking around showrooms or websites for different units, opting for a suite means customers have all the main features they need in one package. This can save a significant amount of time and stress, as well as allowing projects to move forward more quickly.


Bathroom suites also often cost less than buying units separately, with even high-end bathroom designers offering discounts on full suites.


At Mostly Bathrooms, we are committed to delivering excellent value for money without ever compromising on quality. Customers in Cobham and the surrounding areas can be sure that we are providing the best possible products for individual needs. In addition, our full design, supply and bathroom fitting services ensure maximum efficiency.




With many modern bathroom suites available which are specifically designed for smaller or awkwardly shaped bathrooms, they are a great option for maximising space. Suites can include a number of innovative features, such as wall-mounted units, shower baths, compact toilets and curved shower enclosures.


To discover how we can make the most of your bathroom space, come and visit us at our specialist bathroom showroom, where we are always happy to discuss individual requirements. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our skilled team.

Call 01306 888851 for stylish, cost-effective bathroom suites for every space in Cobham, Dorking and the surrounding areas.

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